Once more, the GMB exploits its members in a political campaign to undermine the SNP Government, on behalf of Scottish Labour. Richard Leonard’s wife, Karen, is a National Officer and hosts the GMB in Schools twitter feed

We’ve seen this before in their hypocritical mobilisation of women carers and others against the SNP-led Glasgow Council, for compensation due to discrimination which they actually facilitated on behalf of their male workers, under the previous Labour administration.

More recently, we’ve seen the unedifying sight of supposed socialists protecting private and corporate care home owners from crticism, by redirecting it onto the SNP Government.

Now they expect us to believe there is widespread anxiety among cleaners, janitors and support workers, about the return to full-time schooling in August, regardless of the clear evidence of disappearing covid-19 infection levels.

They have 1 700 ‘signatures’ on a petition. I’d like to see the wording, the method of collection of the ‘signatures’, the procedures for ensuring only single signing by legitimate participants.

I’d also like to know how many such workers there are in Scotland’s 5 000 schools. I can’t easily find a number but 50 000? More?

Is their self-selecting, pressurised, sample 10% or even less of their membership?