Just one more GMB campaign exploiting their workers to attack SNP?

Once more, the GMB exploits its members in a political campaign to undermine the SNP Government, on behalf of Scottish Labour. Richard Leonard’s wife, Karen, is a National Officer and hosts the GMB in Schools twitter feed

We’ve seen this before in their hypocritical mobilisation of women carers and others against the SNP-led Glasgow Council, for compensation due to discrimination which they actually facilitated on behalf of their male workers, under the previous Labour administration.

More recently, we’ve seen the unedifying sight of supposed socialists protecting private and corporate care home owners from crticism, by redirecting it onto the SNP Government.

Now they expect us to believe there is widespread anxiety among cleaners, janitors and support workers, about the return to full-time schooling in August, regardless of the clear evidence of disappearing covid-19 infection levels.

They have 1 700 ‘signatures’ on a petition. I’d like to see the wording, the method of collection of the ‘signatures’, the procedures for ensuring only single signing by legitimate participants.

I’d also like to know how many such workers there are in Scotland’s 5 000 schools. I can’t easily find a number but 50 000? More?

Is their self-selecting, pressurised, sample 10% or even less of their membership?

13 thoughts on “Just one more GMB campaign exploiting their workers to attack SNP?”

  1. ‘Don’t feel safe’, but wait, wasn’t it what, barely a couple of weeks ago that the Britnats, displaying their faux care for the childrens education, insisted that the Scottish government set a date in stone for schools reopening in August, and then a few really dumb parents saying they’d risk lives as long as their kids are in school, not languishing at home, all safe an all!

    I wonder who the Britnats will cite as being the irresponsible culprits if indeed there is a spike in Covid19 when the schools, that they insisted should reopen no matter what. I think we know.

    Who made the petition and what was the point of it, and as you say, how legit is it anyway? Is it available to see?

    I think we know that school staff are a whole lot safer in Scotland, as is the case with the rest of the population, due to the Scottish governments competence in handling the whole situation, than they would be if they lived south of the border.

    It hardly bares thinking about, but if a Britnat party were at the helm at Holyrood, Scotland would be in a truly dreadful situation right now. The SNHS would be all but destroyed to boot.

    The worst affected countries are in Latin America it seems if you look at what’s happening their now and most are occupied by rogue right wing governments, who have been placed there by their rogue right wing neighbour, and others.

    It’s a good idea not to allow your neighbour free reign in your country, if you possibly can. Many have no choice of course, and Scotland needs to realise having the choice to decide who governs you is normal, not a privilege, and I think that is sinking in, it’s a matter of survival. That’s why the Britnats are terrified, they know they have so much to lose, it’s always about money and resources, and land, and greed, and they are interchangeable.

    It’s going to be full of fear factor for the forseeable Scotland, suit up!

    Sorty long comment, I’m off to try get some daytime sleep, for sanity sake.

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    1. I see this is being pushed as an Anti-English policy by those Vile Nats!

      Predictable BritNat Propaganda.


      1. Independence stalwart Morag from Dundee was on, putting the commonsense case for checks at border. . . . Followed by Sarah Smifth unionist stalwart who agreed with Jezza Vine that Scotland was only slightly better off than England and worse than Italy. The crowds on Portobello beach and Glasgow parks were as big as the crowds on Englands south coast beaches.
        Apart from Morag the whole piece was intended to demonstrate that there wasnt a good reason to impose restrictions at border and the terrible suffering it would inflict on decent law abiding lovely. People.
        Nicola Sturgeon is horrible.

        Righty ho . . . Its off to the mental health ward (is loony bin no longer PC)

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  2. So, Leonard’s wife runs a union twitter feed, they canvas a bunch of like minded souls to sign a ‘petition’ which garners a small return. Then, without any provable methodology they then feed it to the press and as if by magic it turns up in the questions at today’s briefing. And Nicola swats it away as the piece of partisan hackery that it is.

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  3. It’s always being reported, or mentioned in the MSM in passing, that return to full-time schooling in August means no social distancing. Did I dream it or is it the case that, although pupils would not need to adhere to the two metre rule, adults would, e.g. teachers, cleaners, and other support staff. There was mention of social distancing in staff rooms. Anyone else remember that?


  4. Somebody somewhere has a little list of people to scare about PPE and testing.

    We started with:
    – doctors
    – nurses
    – other hospital staff
    – ambulance drivers
    – police
    – care home workers
    – pharmacists
    – bus and train drivers

    Then, when it was obvious PPE and testing were reaching all those people, we added a few more:
    – supermarket workers
    – delivery drivers
    – postal workers

    And now, janitors and other ancillary workers in schools.

    The only blip here is that we have all been advised by the Scottish Government to wear face coverings in public transport and crowded places. I’m not even out (colitis, since you ask) and I’ve got hand sanitizer and masks ready just in case. And I’m a pensioner, though I don’t think of myself as poor.

    So who’s keeping the list and passing it on? Do I detect the dead hand of Labour?


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