As England’s infection rates stall, when will Scotland’s media and opposition parties accept the truth of our achievement?

As Scotland’s media and the opposition parties desperately cling to the past, lingering fondly on the comparatively high level of infection and of death, due to the lock-down of decision forced on us by the 4 Nations agreement, dominated by Dominic Cumming’s fatally wrong herd immunity strategy, they cannot bring themselves to recognise the achievements in the months since divergence at the end of March.

The Scottish Government’s stricter lock-down, better communication, the people’s solidarity, the coronavirus assessment centres protecting GP surgeries and our better staffed NHS, take the credit.

Scotland’s 7 day average for new cases is now 14. A week ago it was 22 and the week before that it was 30. At the end of May, still then affected by the UK Government delays, it was 97.

The 7 day average for deaths is now 1.4, after two weekdays at zero. A week ago it was 3.6 and the week before that it was 5. At the end of May, still then affected by the UK Government delays, it was 13.

The 5 day average for deaths in England is now 145.

The new infections rate for England is hard to find but the Englsih CMO Chris Whitty has suggested around 3 000 per day:

It’s never clear whether he means the UK or England but it matters little for comparison with the rate in Scotland being so low.

All things being equal, the English infection rate would be around 140 but is predicted to hold at around 3 000, 21 times higher per capita than in Scotland.

As for the death rate that should be 14 but is 145, 10 times higher per capita than in Scotland.

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12 thoughts on “As England’s infection rates stall, when will Scotland’s media and opposition parties accept the truth of our achievement?”

  1. Some Twitter comments yesterday made me look at the timeline of BBC Health Correspondent Nick Triggle @NickTriggle. He wasn’t at all impressed by the massive divergence between England and Scotland (and other devolved nations) on COVID-19 rates. We’re all doing basically the same on important things,, he suggests, “Testing largely UK endeavour. . . . Scientific advice shared.. . “. It doesn’t seem to occur to him to look for an explanation for English exception. Looking down his timeline, his main talent seems to give us the UK Gov line.

    So it’s not just the Scottish media; the English media is letting their public down as well. (Sorry, I should refer to his example as the UK media, since we’ll be paying some of his wages so that he can continue to patronise us from a position of calculated ignorance.)

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    1. Thing is the ‘Scottish media’ are not even really Scottish anyway. The English media
      like the English government work across the UK.

      The media in England we can be sure, will be doing their damnedest to keep quiet about Scotland’s success in actually diverging away from their Tory government’s herd immunity tactics. It confirms that Scotland’s government are doing a much better job in handling this pandemic, and exposes how badly and horrifically, their English Eton club government is dealing with this pandemic.

      Propaganda works, it’s why the most powerful deploy it, constantly.


  2. The ONS publish a weekly Infection Survey (excel spreadsheet), the latest data published 25th June estimates 22,000 new cases per week or as you quote 3,000/day. The lower and upper 95% confidence intervals are 10,000 and 49,000. These figures are for England only and relate to the period between 8th and 21st June.

    The weekly estimate of new infections has actually risen by 50% compared with the period 25th May to 7th June when it was estimated at 15,000 new cases/week.

    You would think someone, somewhere, would be concerned about that rise in estimated new weekly cases as the easing of lockdown gets underway.

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  3. The daily briefings from Whitehall are stopped.

    This issue is closed, as Boris would say when embarrassed.


  4. “When will Scotland’s media and opposition parties accept the truth of our achievement”

    BBC GMS (about 8.17 am) Peter Duncan (ex Tory MP and ex chair of Tories based in Scotland) re Covid-19
    “The Scottish Gov. Got their PR better than ” Westminster. / No. 10

    Just the PR nothing else.

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  5. Here is a update on the ever increasing divergence in Scotland,s performance in new covid 19 infections and resultant deaths in comparison to England
    Since 1.6.20 Start of ease of lock down to 28.6.20
    All data is sourced from UK.Gov
    Daily reports
    New cases
    Scotland 367 which is 4.7% of England whilst Scotland has 9.8% of Population
    Of England so pro rata Scotland would be 9.8% of 7822 no. I..E. 766 no.
    England 7822 of new cases
    But as in prev.posts England some how under reporting
    UK.New infections 34829
    But England 81.8% of population
    So if pro rata No.should be 28048
    A under report of 20526 no.
    And if so Scotland has only 1.3% of new cases with a fig.of 367 no. If pro rata at. 9.8% Scotland would have 2748 new infections
    .New deaths
    Scotland 120 no.
    England 4292 no
    So Scotland has 3.85 % of deaths and if pro rata @ 9.8% would be 420 no.
    As 7.6.20
    Scottish new cases were 7.1 % now 4.7 %
    But if allowance for English under report
    Now only 1.3 %
    Scottish new deaths 3.85%
    Now only 2.8 %
    1.Deaths SHNS by far out performing EHNS
    2.New cases/Infections Scotland by a mile
    Out performing England
    3.Scotland and since 8.6.20 is now doing more tests / day and /million of Pop.than Norway who are more or less out of lock down now Who have in the last week
    New cases 103 no. Scotland 34 no.
    Deaths 19 no. Scotland. 10 no.
    This is a totally remarkable performance
    As Norway is considered as the Gold standard in Global terms
    Particularly so as Norway effected lock down much earlier than us but we were hindered in doing so by Westminster
    So from being very far behind Scotland and having 1 hand tied behind our backs has now over taken Norway in performance in the 3 key areas of Infections,Deaths & Test Trace & Isolate
    Which is a massive indicator of just what we can achieve when we have full responsibility for any area
    Just Imagine if we were Independent then how and where we would be in most areas
    In 5 yrs time
    There is indeed a pot of gold at the bottom of the Independence Rainbow
    The Union is now totally bereft of positive cases for it to be allowed to continue
    Hammer this home to their MSM at every opportunity and by all methods possible
    Inc.of social media and take the fight into
    The lions den
    The whip is in our hands and let them hear the sharp resounding cracks as we wield it


  6. As coronavirus affects literally everything, there is so much to pick over, and of course there are many faults of the UK Government to shine a light on.

    But lately…

    “The Scottish Government’s… better communication”

    This has what’s really struck me. The UK Gov has just given up, but what’s WORSE is its actually the Public Health officials that have given up.

    The F A C T S (face coverings, avoid crows, clean hand/surfaces, two metres, self isolate with symptoms) that the FM is trailing at each briefing won’t have been of the FM’s own invention. It clearly has all the earmarks of a well designed Public Health campaign and it has been adopted presumably at the recommendation of Prof Leitch or HPS.

    But there is NO such equivalent in England. We’ll never know why, but either:
    – their public health officials are in such crisis mode that they haven’t had the spare bandwith to focus on ongoing communication
    – they have made proposals but are too weak to get their political masters to agree to it

    Anyway with daily cases in their teens versus in three or four figures, it’ll make a great dissertation for a Public Health student some day!


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