Expert predicts Salmond inquiry will have little effect on SNP

Many of Scotland’s biggest hacks are drooling over the forthcoming inquiry into the treatment of Alex Salmond just as they did when he was first charged and when Derek Mackay was not charged and when a few old-timers wrote in the very newspapers that had previously and often unfairly attacked them, to challenge the current leadership.

Luckily, we have the reasonable evidence of opinion polls after all the previous incidents to guide us in deciding whether Gordon’s ‘unforgiving light’ will be so or soon forgotten. I predict the latter.

The evidence:

On April 17th we wrote:

Scott Macnab of the Herald does well to be less certain than many of his colleagues have been about damage to her and to the SNP, resulting from those fading sagas around Derek Mackay and Alex Salmond.

The polls are clear. SNP support has been climbing since December from 40-45% to hover around 50% in last 4. Unless we think support would’ve have been even higher at say 60% but for these sagas, we can be sure that they have neither harmed the party nor its leadership.

More accurately, from the Opinium poll on 26th March respondents were asked:

To what extent do you approve or disapprove of …The way Nicola Sturgeon is handling her job as Leader of the SNP?

A whopping 83% of SNP voters approved with only 4% disapproving but 56% of Lib Dems and 46% of Labour voters also approved.

Earlier on 29th March this year, we wrote:

The latest Panelbase poll of Holyrood voting intentions, puts the SNP at 51%, Cons at 26%, and Labour at 14%. This would give the SNP a clear majority, with 70 MSPs, and a mandate for Indyref2. The Herald’s Tom Gordonstoun is gobsmacked again (stop it!) and fails to see that voters are not supporting the SNP despite or because of any insular journalistic theory about personalities. They’re voting for the party and its manifesto. They’re grown-ups. What else would they do?

And even earlier that year in February:

We heard from various commentators around 9 or 10 days ago that the Derek Mackay case combined with the Salmond case coming to court would damage the SNP. Reporting Scotland’s Brian Taylor referred to the Mackay case as a ‘calamity’ for the party. A sub-poll published today based on fieldwork only 5 days later suggests that, as before, the errors of single politicians do not materially change the opinions of a mass movement.The Opinium survey on 12th February does not have a Scottish breakdown but has support as a share of the overall UK-wide survey at 6% up from 5% in their last poll on 10th December 2019.

See the pattern?

12 thoughts on “Expert predicts Salmond inquiry will have little effect on SNP”

  1. We know, of course, that the SNP were destroyed by losing the 2014 referendum.
    You can see it in the back copies of the Brit Nat press.

    And they have been getting “destroyed”, if you believe the press, every year since.

    And this will go on, until there are no “newspapers” left to wrap fish suppers up in.

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      1. The first time a “chippie” hands me a fish supper in a polystyrene tray is the last time I visit that “chippie”. Luckily, there are still plenty round here who correctly use paper to cradle the sacred offering.


  2. Britnat so-called journalists continue to be in the huff because the people of Scotland refuse to believe their anti-Scottish propaganda. The people of Scotland have rightfully lost any respect the may have had towards the media in Scotland.

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  3. In comparison to all the very serious deeds by those in that den if inequity
    Called Westminster
    Then this turns the A.S.story indeed to the pun
    Making a mountain out of a mole hill
    But the Mountains of Westminster terrify
    The hacks. After all are they the Dogs that will not bite the hand that feeds them

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  4. You know these supposed journalists must close their eyes really tight at bedtime clasping their grimey hands together in prayer, in order to make their wishes come true.

    The next day, they write down their wishes and have them published, in the hope that this time the SNP will be ‘destroyed’.

    The ‘calamity’ and ‘unforgiving light’ are terms we could use about the ‘media’ and these story telling failing daily lying rags.

    It’s they who face ‘calamity’, and the stench of panic is getting stronger. Keep praying and wishing guys, but this is real life, not a fairy story thankfully!

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  5. The propagandists are working to damage the reputation of the First Minister of whom voters have already formed a favourable opinion over time , and has been further enhanced by her handling if Covid-19.

    Then very few people read their scribbles.


    1. I seem to have a tech-y problem.
      Please carry on without me.

      I’m just going out of the tent—It could be a while!


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