Who writes the Herald’s headlines? Two arrests means ‘carnage’ but three dead, six stabbed and the suspect shot dead is….

Today’s real horror
Yesterday’s carnage

Having used the word ‘carnage’, to imply things in Glasgow were no better than the ‘carnage’ on the beaches of England, had the Herald used up its supply and so were unable to use it for a real ‘carnage’ today?

If they’d said:

‘Two arrested for minor offences as large crowds breach the lock-down rules’

‘carnage’ would have been the word to describe today’s real horror.

7 thoughts on “Who writes the Herald’s headlines? Two arrests means ‘carnage’ but three dead, six stabbed and the suspect shot dead is….”

  1. They are wholly self unaware and the contrast between the two events will not have even registered with them.

    This would be a good teaching example for journalism students, but, I suspect that ideas of moderation, accuracy, objectivity and, indeed, ethics, are no longer part of the syllabus. I suspect it will comprise spin and alternative facts.

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    1. ‘wholly self unaware’ – I’m now so cynical that I’m not so sure about this!

      Might there be a filter, an editorial question? Is there a damaging angle possible here that can be used against the Scottish Government, the SNP and/or the pro-independence movement and/or the self-esteem/confidence of Scotland’s population?

      If so, then let’s make the headline as negative, and as extremely so, as we feel we can get way with. And let’s put any kernel of truth or fact that we feel obliged to include as near the end of the article as possible.


  2. In typical fashion (this time Sky news) in light of the dreadful news in Glasgow turn to a Asian policeman in London to give us his views (clearly in anticipaton that this is a mirror incident of Reading) and refers to the recruitment of twenty thousand more Police????? as if this is relevant or significant in Scotland. Utterly attrocious reporting. Turned off at that point after uttering an expletive.

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  3. The only reason I can think of for the language chosen by the rag instead of the very appropriate term ‘carnage’ would be something like the attacker having links to someone or some group with strong and powerful British Nationalist connections.

    Not necessarily a cover up, just starting a framing exercise to minimise any potential damage.


  4. The difference, my friends, lies in the people involved: a rammy in the park? Mostly white people, unable to handle lockdown or hold their drink for that matter. Knife attack in a hotel ‘sheltering’ asylum seekers with one person dead? Probably black and brown faces – apart from a police officer who is now, I notice, gathering all the attention of the press.

    It’s not as if no one knew this was coming. It’s just the Home Office’s usual approach: ignore it and hope it goes away.


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