In the Herald today:

ONLY one in every 200 Covid tests carried out in Scotland is now detecting a positive case, as the prevalence of the virus continues to fall. The ratio of positive to negative test results indicates that Scotland “is on the safe side” in terms of controlling the pandemic, according to a scientific briefing paper that draws comparisons with the performance in New Zealand and South Korea.

Typically, the Herald headline understates this dramatic good news for all of us and which demolishes all of the attacks from Carlaw, Leonard and the many others desperate to prove Scotland is doing no better than England.

After a doomed attempt to cooperate with the UK 4 Nations Approach, the Scottish Government broke away at the end of March to implement a more cautious strategy based on effective communication with the public, honesty, trust and the avoidance of private sector involvement. The results are coming in. Deaths in England are around 6 times higher and infection is spreading 12 times faster.

The Conservative and Unionist Party is very bad for your health, in England, and its Scottish Branch needs to just go away and shut up.