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That’s the page after BBC Scotland staffer Billy Cumberland (16) clarified the headline. The BBC Northampton staff, gentle folk clearly, had gone for this:

Coronavirus: 36 test positive at Desborough care home

It is accurate, but really? Cumberland had to sort out the text too, to bring out the true message. Here are the key points, from within the mushy Northampton text with his additions in bold:

Thirty-six people have tested positive for coronavirus at a care home which admitted three hospital patients who later turned out to be infected because the hospital did not test them properly and then just dumped them in a private care home which despite doing well in its last inspection, failed to effectively isolate the infected arrivals. Matt Hancock has been asked to comment but is unavailable.

The hospital said it “used the best tests possible” but only 75% of tests carried out were accurate. Matt Hancock has been asked to comment but is unavailable.

‘Our policy also ensures that all incoming residents are placed in isolation and are tested again by us. As a result of these precautions we were able to identify three people admitted from NHS facilities in the past month who tested positive’ but too bloody late to stop 36 being infected!

Last week, the Local Democracy Reporting Service reported the care home saw paperwork when the patients were admitted between 25 May and 4 June long after the tsunami of deaths in care homes was everywhere in the media and should have made the care home owners a bit more careful with the isolation and infection control measures.

Latest: Cumberland and the manager who sent him south have since been sacked after the Scottish Conservative leader contacted BBC Scotland. He seemed distressed and is reputed to have been shouted at by Boris for ‘missing the bloody point!’ After an internal review, Reporting Scotland staff will concentrate again on Jeane Freeman.