36 infected in care home as hospital dumps untested old folk! Reporting Scotland team sent to BBC Northampton to sharpen coverage of care home deaths!

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That’s the page after BBC Scotland staffer Billy Cumberland (16) clarified the headline. The BBC Northampton staff, gentle folk clearly, had gone for this:

Coronavirus: 36 test positive at Desborough care home

It is accurate, but really? Cumberland had to sort out the text too, to bring out the true message. Here are the key points, from within the mushy Northampton text with his additions in bold:

Thirty-six people have tested positive for coronavirus at a care home which admitted three hospital patients who later turned out to be infected because the hospital did not test them properly and then just dumped them in a private care home which despite doing well in its last inspection, failed to effectively isolate the infected arrivals. Matt Hancock has been asked to comment but is unavailable.

The hospital said it “used the best tests possible” but only 75% of tests carried out were accurate. Matt Hancock has been asked to comment but is unavailable.

‘Our policy also ensures that all incoming residents are placed in isolation and are tested again by us. As a result of these precautions we were able to identify three people admitted from NHS facilities in the past month who tested positive’ but too bloody late to stop 36 being infected!

Last week, the Local Democracy Reporting Service reported the care home saw paperwork when the patients were admitted between 25 May and 4 June long after the tsunami of deaths in care homes was everywhere in the media and should have made the care home owners a bit more careful with the isolation and infection control measures.

Latest: Cumberland and the manager who sent him south have since been sacked after the Scottish Conservative leader contacted BBC Scotland. He seemed distressed and is reputed to have been shouted at by Boris for ‘missing the bloody point!’ After an internal review, Reporting Scotland staff will concentrate again on Jeane Freeman.

5 thoughts on “36 infected in care home as hospital dumps untested old folk! Reporting Scotland team sent to BBC Northampton to sharpen coverage of care home deaths!”

  1. As far as the ABC ( A= Absurdtistan )
    Concerned 1+ 1 =2
    And where there is smoke always a fire
    And if you want a load up the hill then put in on a willing horse rather than a knackered old stubborn mule

    Never send a boy to do a mans job
    All the latter stated to prove beyond all reasonable doubt
    That the ABC know full well what the true purpose of their reporters in Scotland are
    Cleverly selected and primed as to how they report along with a designated target and short and long term objective
    Of their activities which in turn exits in a secret briefing from the highest authorities in Government and Secret Services
    But as i always say the Devil and his little helpers in their eagerness to please
    The Masters instruction invariably gives you a glance of their little horns and piercing red eyes
    Or in the case of little red riding hood
    They think oh what big teeth we have and i shall bite upon the flesh of those stupid little dump Scots
    All so my Master can eat their porridge
    I.E.all our assets and i shall get my bung in the form of Honours when i return to master showing the blood of my victim upon my teeth and jaws as i smile in anticipation of a little clap from master

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  2. Anthony Costello, former Director of WHO, has some things to say about testing for covid19 and care homes in England.

    “Anthony Costello
    A public health doctor writes to me on care homes. “Last week was the most embarrassing week in my career so far. We submitted more complaints from our team and from care homes than I think anyone has ever seen… (1)

    Anthony Costello
    13 May
    Replying to
    “..We all essentially made a concerted effort to document the shambles it was so they would have no choice but to listen. It was unfathomable how pitifully they had planned their ‘100,000 tests’. It meant care homes had to just spend days on the phone on a wild goose chase…(2)
    Anthony Costello
    13 May
    “…for tests that just didn’t exist. The reputational damage to the local teams has been really damning. Now we have the mandate but not the resources. We need time (we must extend the lockdown)… (3)
    Anthony Costello
    13 May
    “…people (recruit people with experience not just well meaning volunteers reading off an algorithm) and resources like digital teams that can help to scale and link this up locally. We could do an amazing job. But we need those three things. The teams are on their knees..(4)
    Anthony Costello
    13 May
    “..they’re tired and demoralised. They’ve never been so busy and are now just facing angry care homes who think we have failed them. But we just haven’t had the mandate and we still don’t have the resources, in local Public Health England… (5)
    Anthony Costello
    13 May
    “I’m not sure about local government as they’ve had money but we need more, I imagine, given the weight of burden on them…” (6)

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  3. And then there is this.

    No one can tell me that this is unconscious bias. It is a deliberate attack.

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    1. They are running scared now and all due to the recent polls showing the ever growing support for Indy particularly the
      Demographic changes re NO voter and the Middle classes to YES such a forceful tide is unstoppable now only we can muck it up by failing to keep the heid
      Their moves are so stupid and frantic now
      Do they not realise that they are only pouring petrol on the fire
      No doubt that Westminster is whipping their donkey behind the scenes
      But bet your bottom $ far worse to come
      no accident their rent a mob were out at the recent Glasgow rallies
      They are trying to provoke us into sporadic irrational unorganised actions all so they can let fly
      until Holyrood election then raise your overwhelming Chiltern in the form of our votes that will halt their sect 30 heavy horse
      Then force them to retreat into their corner and await the controlled managed fury of Scotland
      When they still say no
      And we say yes
      Know Thy Foes
      No Nation can impose its will upon the peoples of another Nation especially when it is a Union of Nations that was consensual
      Play our cards right encourage their wrong moves and soon what little capital they have left with other Nations will rapidly evaporate thereby making their stance untenable
      Now they are no longer the power they once were
      They are paper tigers and when we roar the world shall hear us and the paper tiger
      Will crumble
      If we maintain our discipline then that is the bolt cutters that break our chains

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