Scotland outperforms all of Europe on inward investment

Image: Scottish Financial Review

In Insider today:

Foreign direct investment in Scotland’s financial services sector increased last year as it shrank for the UK and Europe overall. Scotland was the UK’s second most attractive location for financial services FDI in 2019 for the seventh year in a row, increasing its share from 6.3% in 2018 to 8.1%. The latest EY UK Attractiveness Report for Financial Services 2020 reports that while London secured more financial services FDI projects, the eight launched in Scotland last year, created 2,911 jobs – more than three times that of London and more than half the UK total.

One thought on “Scotland outperforms all of Europe on inward investment”

  1. Just reading a book, (pamphlet), called ‘Buy Scottish Goods’ (how to reduce unemployment and emigration), by Archie Lamont, most probably written in the 1960’s, poss 70’s, but in it he uses old money! He did many amazing publications about Scotland, this is ‘No.60’!

    In it he mentions a ‘Buyers Guide to Scottish Manufacturers’, by the ‘Scottish council (Development and Industry)’. 1953. Archie says ‘it was rather dear at seven-and-six, and badly distributed, but is it an essential vade mecum for the Buy Scottish campaign’.

    I might see if it’s available anywhere. Once I have read this A.Lamont pamphlet I am happy to pass it on, it really is interesting. Again the Britnat lies about Scotland’s economy were and are absolutely criminal.


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