In a startling piece of twisted logic, the Herald promotes an attempt to blame the Scottish Government for the failures of the private care sector, ignoring the hard evidence that agency staff and not discharged hospital patients brought the virus into the care homes and that failed basic infection control there allowed the deadly spread.

On 29th April, Robert Kilgour was blaming lack of funds for the deaths though infection control has been a long-established, costed, practice through annual flu outbreaks.

As for the lack of funds, as recently as last August, he had boasted:

Care home operator Renaissance Care has secured an additional £600,000 package to accelerate its long-term growth plans and finance further improvements to its portfolio of 14 homes.  The deal from Barclays follows a £4.5m package in 2017 and will allow the company to speed up its capital expenditure programme to improve its homes and expand capacity. The company, which has 600 elderly people in its care, is owned by the Renaissance senior management team and Dow Investments whose CEO Robert Kilgour was the founder of Four Seasons Health Care, currently the second largest care home operator in the UK and seeking a buyer. Mr Kilgour has declared an interest in buying back the Scottish homes in the group. In less than a decade, Renaissance Care has expanded from 80 employees and a turnover of £2.4m to having more than 1,000 staff and a projected turnover of £27m this year.

Earlier, in 2012, he had claimed:

It’s clear who will need to be honest. Perhaps our media might report that when it comes?