Support for Independence solidifying

There have now been 8 full (1 000+) polls since the beginning of 2020.

The YouGov/Hanbury poll in February used a non-standard question and did not include 16/17 year-old’s, so can be ignored. The YouGov poll on January 22nd also did not include 16/17 year-old’s.

Two of the 7 valid polls have given Yes a clear 3% lead including the most recent for Panelbase/Scot Goes Pop.

No poll since early December 2019, six months ago, has suggested a clear lead for No.

The last 4 polls including 16/17 year-old’s and with the standard question gives an average lead for Yes of 1.5% whereas the last 4 in 2019 gave an average lead for No of more than 4%.

2 thoughts on “Support for Independence solidifying

  1. Remember dyed in the wool unionists are on the way to grave
    And the growing no of Yessers are leaving school
    The demographics are our tidal force
    And these youngsters have open minds
    Along with a innate sense of smell when it comes from the stink of the BBC and MSM
    Along with their instincts as all young possess they ask what Union the has to

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  2. Even their system of rewarding their Scottish “drones” is starting to backfire on them.

    When Ruthie gets her Ermine cloak, no one in Scotland will say “well done her”—they will ask what precisely she has done in life, or for Scotland, to merit an entire lifetime of public payments plus a seat on company boards, a position on Royal Commissions, a gig on the BBC etc etc………………..

    Meanwhile the people who actually “do good” in society, get the usual zilch minus tax.

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