Upset by twitter ‘abuse’, Herald’s Hannah Rodger petulantly insists on her right to fake the news again

Yesterday, in the Herald, Professor Bauld is headlined as saying something like this:

Scientists have ‘no idea’ where the evidence for some Scottish Government lockdown decisions is coming from.

She did say something like that but only well into the session and only after she was persuaded by the wheedling questions from Alberto Costa (Conservative), pressing her to think of just one example where the Scottish Government’s decision-making had been less transparent.

After numerous earlier statements praising the Scottish Government’s transparency by her and by the other witnesses, Professor Bauld, hesitating, came up with a concern about the timing details of particular elements of the loosening of the lock-down.

With respect, this looked to me, like a classic case of the otherwise highly intelligent and honest academic’s admirable lack of political intelligence when being probed by an experienced and devious professional.

So, while Bauld did say what Rodger chose to open with, that does not in anyway, meaningfully or accurately capture the essence of what was being said by Professor Bauld and by the other three academics, in this meeting and it is that essence that the reader should have, unless the writer has an agenda to deceive them.

Now, I seem to remember that this has happened before, recently. In a previous example of dissembling, or bias by selection and by omission, Rodger, was attacked by some angry twitterati and complained of abusive responses.

I can find no trace of the exchange and while I condemn any such behaviour, it does seem strange that Rodger should be indulging in the same kind of dishonesty that might trigger further anger and perhaps, more inexcusable, abusive, comment. It looks like the kind of petulant, stubborn, behaviour, parents will recognise.

Or does Rodger invite abusive comment to further promote herself? It’s just business?

3 thoughts on “Upset by twitter ‘abuse’, Herald’s Hannah Rodger petulantly insists on her right to fake the news again”

  1. Hannah Rodger – Ah kent her faither, who was an excellent Sports Editor for the Herald, back in the days when it was a serious and well-regarded newspaper. His daughter, unfortunately is not even one quarter of the journalist her father was.


  2. I watched and listened to the Select Committee hearing. I found it impressive. I also read Hannah Rodgers’ tweets made as the hearing went on. Her tweets seem to me to reflect the evidence put forward. Her article in the Herod did what her employers would wish, picking up a minor criticism that did not reflect all the evidence given by Professor Bauld which generally was favourable to the Scottish government.

    Unmentioned was the botched fiscal settlement affecting income tax in Scotland. Jim Cuthbert has blogged about it here.

    If you want to read his piece use the link, scroll right to the final article at the bottom of the page and open it.

    More than once I have written to members of the Centre of Constitutional Change about health inequalities. I have provided links to research in my letter. The research identifies that it is UK government policy that has primarily caused health inequalities in Scotland: that the remedy is the redistribution of wealth, income and power; that Scotland cannot do this most effectively without control of economic and welfare policies. Without additional devolution or independence, Scotland cannot address the fundamental causes of health inequalities here and cannot therefore do much to change the present situation.

    Of course, I had no reply on both occasions.

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  3. Some years ago I read the following . . . .

    Professor Nicola McEwan of the centre of Constitutional Change and Prof J. Curtice recieve funding from an organisation based in England with links to the UK Gov.

    The article gave detailed information, which I’ve forgotten.

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