This drawn to my attention by Brenda Steele.

Maurice Smith, editor of the supposed pro-Independence, wrote in The New European, on the 12th, to regurgitate the same theory we’ve seen from Sarah Smith, Macwhirter, Maclelland, the FT, the Guardian and others, that the Scottish Government’s superior handling of the Covid-19 crisis is a con job.

The story opens with:

The Scottish first minister is considered to have had a ‘good crisis’ yet is facing many of the same criticisms as Boris Johnson.

She is, but only from opposition politicians and media sympathisers. Experts like professors Sridhar and Bauld and medics like Dr Stephen Cole have been fulsome in their praise:

Scotland has much to be proud of in the way that the pandemic has been managed. I have no doubt that the death toll would have been greater without the unwavering support and close working relationship between the government and the clinical community. Dr Stephen Cole, the president of the Scottish Intensive Care Society

Then we get:

And yet there are questions about that record. The Scottish government – which, to all intents and purposes means Sturgeon, such is her control – has failed so far to explain adequately why the details of a February Covid-19 outbreak in a central Edinburgh hotel were not disclosed until later.

Was this written well before the publication date? It’s seems embarrassingly out-of date. The FM and the Health Secretary repeated several times that protecting the privacy of the small number of Scots there had informed the decision by the public health officers but that, critically, they had still carried out the necessary contact tracing. Evidence of their effectiveness came from the Chief Medical Officer on the 9th:

Beyond the eight cases already known to be associated with this outbreak, there are three other cases with a genotype that might be linked to this lineage. Of these three cases, two of them are closely associated with samples that came from other cases identified in other countries and have been discounted as having been directly linked to the conference. The third show similarities to those associated with the conference but not direct link to the conference has been established. This suggests that the actions taken by the IMT to manage this outbreak were successful in curtailing spread and have led to the eradication of this particular viral lineage with no evidence of any wider outbreak associated with it in Scotland since that time.

Smith, on the 12th, ignorant of the above (?), makes this astonishing claim:

The insidious nature of the virus is illustrated well by this single incident: two Nike employees allegedly took the infection back to the Netherlands. Another returned home to England and passed on the virus at a children’s party in Newcastle.

Low. Very low.

Finally, Smith tells us:

The other serious charge to be laid at the door of the Sturgeon government concerns the spread of Covid-19 within Scottish care homes. In essence, the accusation is that in its single-minded pursuit of protection for the NHS in Scotland, the government neglected the care sector. Elderly patients sent back from hospitals spread infections to care home residents and staff. There was little protective clothing (PPE) for staff and testing came too late.

This is appalling stuff. It’s the stuff of Carlaw and Leonard. No journalist worthy of the the name writes this shit.

There is no evidence at all for the discharged patients having carried the virus back into the care homes. Research by Public Health England and MHA Care Homes, reported by the BBC on June 4th (!), confirmed that asymptomatic care workers, employed by private agencies, unknowingly spread the virus.

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