In the Herald today:

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has called for a rescue plan for high streets hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Jackson Carlaw said the Scottish Government should take “radical” action to ensure the future of shops and high streets, which were already struggling before Covid-19

However, Carlaw’s call for a left-of-centre party, like the SNP, to save businesses was met with shocked responses from his followers. One was heard to call out:

No, Jackson you were a big entrepreneur yourself, lead us!

It’s true, he was. See this in the Herald on 10th October 2003:

A COLLAPSED company headed by a Scottish Conservative party executive member [Jackson Carlaw] is at the centre of a mystery surrounding 22 missing works of art. The firm’s private records reveal ownership of 50 pieces as investments, including paintings – but only 28 have been recovered, according to Ernst and Young, the administrator.