From stewartb:

There has been much ‘fun’ on twitter over the last 12 hours or so at the expense of BBC Scotland and specifically the way one of its journalists tweeted about an environmental target of the Scottish Government. Deserved ridicule is being shown for this:

Of course there is ‘fun’ to be had on what is a single, minor example but the TuSC knows only too well this is indicative of a deeper malaise within the public service broadcasting organisation – as has been evidenced time and time again.

It may be that the author of the tweet is a fair and reasonable journalist at heart but if so he needs a change of scene. To frame this performance statistic, in this way and at this time exemplifies a predilection for ‘negativity’ in reporting about Scotland and the Scottish Government.  And it is reaching a level where public ridicule is perhaps the only antidote!

(The fact that on this narrow issue of tree planting, Scotland has been performing way above its neighbour to the south – that the emphasis on a ‘missed’ target fails any reasonable test of ‘perspective’ –  clearly had no influence on the journalist when he decided to frame the tweet in the way he chose. Learned behaviour in BBC Scotland?)

However, before we let the journalist off too lightly (!), his ‘pinned’ tweet on Twitter seems to reveal that he is particularly concerned with journalistic standards.

Let me repeat for emphasis: “.. it doesn’t mean we shape our news agenda to tell bad news stories …” . Stop laughing at the back!

Many responses on Twitter to his framing of the ‘missed’ tree planting target helpfully offered him ways in which he could have ‘shaped’ his tweet rather differently! Do you think he has the capacity for professional self-reflection or will the prevailing corporate mindset prove too strong  ?