8 thoughts on “Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Prof John Robertson”

    1. Enjoyed listening to the podcast. Felt Paul cut John off when he started speaking about the radical and democratic views of people in the past and that just because cruelty existed, it didn’t mean everyone agreed with it. Would like to have heard John’s thoughts on this.

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      1. I don’t believe for one minute Paul would cut John’s contribution off, from my own end there were massive and frankly uncommon delays and digital drop-outs throughout, and this an interchange between Ayr and Glasgow.
        Jackass isn’t smart enough to operate anything without a script nor anything sophisticated beyond stolen art, so one of Jackatory’s staff running interference perhaps, or Ian Murray biting the line ?

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      2. Agree, Bob. Maybe not cut-off but missed a valid and interesting point that John was making.


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