And it was the heme of Oliver Cromwell who defeated the Scohts at Dunbah. Incorporated Scohtlan into his protectorate and transported the Scohts as slives to the colonies…..snigger snigger hyah hyah from the Tory benches.….Nouw, there’s an ohnswer to the West Lothian Question!….Hoh! Hoh! Donkey Bray from the benches.

I’ve typed Frazer’s words out for two reasons. I’t’s hard to make out what she’s saying in that accent and the sound of it might make you boak all over your keyboard.

Seriously though, a Tory MP thinks slavery can ever be a laughing matter? A Tory thinks the enslavement of Scots can be a laughing matter? Ah, come on, she was only joking. Where’s your sense of humour, Jock?

Aye, right, let’s have some jokes about the London dead after the Nazi bombing? More jokes about Royal paedophiles? Jokes about the Queen Mum’s….

Anyhow, Frazer, quite a ‘dusky maiden’ with perhaps non-Anglo-Saxon genes, worthy of being told to ‘go home’ by Nick Ferrari (?), reminds us:


As many as 400 Scottish POWS captured in the Battles of Worcester and Dunbar were shipped to New England in the 1650s as temporary slaves to work in iron mills, saw mills and farms. The Great Migration of Puritans had ended, and the colonists badly needed workers. Across the sea, Oliver Cromwell’s new government had the costly and vexing task of managing thousands of Scottish POWs. One solution: deport them to New England, Virginia and Barbados. Some of the Scottish POWs sent to New England were sold as a group to work in the Saugus Iron Works or the saw mills of Berwick Maine.  Others went to York as servants. Still others were sold individually.


After the dust of battle had settled, out of a total of some 5,000 in the Prince’s army, it’s reported that 1200 died – including very many slaughtered as they lay on the battlefield. 50 escaped overseas and over 100 combatants and Jacobite supporters were later executed, and over 1100 transported to the West Indies to end their days in slavery.