Tonight BBC News at 6.50pm headlined:

Scotland records no new coronavirus deaths.

The presenter goes on to talk of the 77 deaths in England & Wales in positive terms as the lowest since the lock-down and to repeat the news that there had been none in Scotland. It’s the first time since the lock-down so it’s news isn’t it, Year 1?

Reporting Scotland have a different agenda and returned to the topic favoured by the opposition parties, cases and deaths of patients in hospital for non-covid-related treatment but who are diagnosed with it, having acquired it there or having come in already infected.

We see Gordon Brewer loudly suggesting that the reason the Health Secretary does not know how many of each there are is because of her failure to test them, ignoring all the evidence of the unreliability of testing the asymptomatic and the dangerous consequences of false negatives for other patients if they then arrive among them apparently clear of infection.

Wee Wallace-Lockhart then fills out the details of a story that really needs to wait for the facts and slips in quietly the news of no new deaths, without comment.

Presumably unavailable to follow his party colleague, Matt Hancock, blamed by a professor for avoidable deaths, there’s no sign of Jackson Carlaw and we get Monica Lennon joining the pile-on with nothing new to say.

This is by no means the first time that BBC 1 News have exposed the bias inherent in Reporting Scotland’s coverage. As Johnson’s cavalier approach causes more death and despair, they are going to have to follow their Salford colleagues, only-too-willing to use Scotland’s better performance, to highlight what he has done to England.