Some, perhaps, of the secret SAGE members?

Referring to the SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) members failure to consider the findings of the exercise, Professor Sridhar, chair of public health at Edinburgh University , said:

It feels like a lost opportunity…On the positive side it’s good that these exercises were conducted, because it meant that they were thinking beyond flu, they were thinking about coronaviruses. But on the negative side it’s surprising, it seems that SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) members were unaware or at least didn’t discuss this exercise in their thinking in January or February, which would have been crucial in making steps to actually prepare for an eventual outbreak.

An earlier report considering an exercise simulating pandemic influenza called “Exercise Cygnus”, which ran in England in 2016, was also not published.

This seems like further evidence that the idea of a 4 Nations approach, better together, of the kind favoured by Murray and Pennington, led by this dishonest, callous Tory administration, was always doomed to failure.