Traffic ‘surges’ much exaggerated by media

In typical fashion, Scotland’s excitable journos leapt on the stories of the masses pouring into the Luss car park and parking on the verges in Glencoe. In the Herald yesterday:

The first weekend of the Covid lockdown easing in Scotland saw an explosion in almost every form of travel. Statistics from Transport Scotland showed car travel on tourist routes up 110 per cent on the previous Saturday and Sunday.

Asked about the events, the First Minister was calm and so she should be. This has all the makings of a moral panic where minor acts of deviance are amplified by the media into a crisis with hysterical demands for tougher police action from ‘moral guardians’ such as the opposition leaders.

From Transport Scotland’s COVID-19 Transport Trend Data – 25 – 31 May 2020, looking at the traffic on the weekend of 30/31 May, in very warm and dry weather, we can see:

Trunk road traffic by cars was up by around 70% on the previous weekend but still 25% lower than the last weekend in March.

Cross border traffic, a much discussed worry, was only up 23% on the previous weekend.

3 thoughts on “Traffic ‘surges’ much exaggerated by media

  1. Numbers would be helpful. One car last week and two this week is100% – hardly enough to get excited about. So how many were there actually?


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