Could the Nike coronavirus strain be different from the one in the Scottish outbreak?

Eight strains of coronavirus afflicting the world

Brenda Steele:

Looked at the ScotGov Coronavirus briefing of 2 June.

(45mins in)  

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon holds a press conference on #coronavirus 2/6/20

What caught my attention was the answer to a question from Vivienne Aitken of the Daily Record. It was not what our FM said but what Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said about the “strains of coronavirus“ and the use of “molecular sequencing”.  

So I went a-googling with different keywords and to my surprise found this dated May 20.

  Nicola Sturgeon said researchers were examining the strain of Covid-19 caught by those who attended the event.   Scientists are studying a coronavirus outbreak at a Nike conference in Edinburgh to establish if it was responsible for the disease spreading across the country, Nicola Sturgeon has revealed.  The First Minister said researchers were examining the strain of Covid-19 caught by those who attended the event, which was held at a hotel in the capital at the end of February.  

My first thought was that ScotGov were already on the case!  Well they are, but I doubt if it is at the politicians’ behest. If WHO and Public Health are going to understand how it imported and how it spread, they will have to examine all the clusters and do “molecular sequencing” on them.  It is interesting that INEWS  does not mention the ones that went to England and overseas, but Dr Gregor Smith said that the clinicians were working on it UK-wide and he mentioned WHO too so I expect it is an international effort.

So, it looks like we might get an answer to the question in this piece:

  Who brought Covid-19 to the Edinburgh Nike event?  

Well, maybe not who – Data Protection and all that – but from where.  

If they are doing it for all the major outbreaks, we may get the answer to a number of others as well.

  Due to Data Protection laws, Health Protection/ScotGov cannot announce who what where has Covid-19, so are they alerting the public indirectly?  

Maybe we won’t get the answer to that exact question but  there are a few organizations who will be anxiously awaiting the answer to the “who” question –

like Nike, HC-One, Peel Ports and the UK Ministry of defence.

4 thoughts on “Could the Nike coronavirus strain be different from the one in the Scottish outbreak?

  1. Brenda,

    Gregor Smith (announced as CMO, no longer interin CMO?) referred again to Nike. He said that international co-operation was involved in exploring what was a complex matter. he said more but that’s the bit I remember.


  2. Based on molecular sequencing which has already taken place in the UK and is ongoing the main routes of the virus into the UK have been via Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong. The work was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in April. This article from the Daily Telegraph summarises the main findings quite well.

    The first case in Scotland was identified on March 1st in Tayside. The patient had returned from holiday in Italy. February being the peak season for skiing holidays in such places as N. Italy. If you look at the cases over the next week or so they were for the most part people who had travelled abroad or been in contact with someone who had travelled abroad and caught the virus. The first 2 cases in Shetland were locals who returned from Italy.

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  3. The viral genome sequence from the first identified case in Scotland was carried out in March by scientists at the University of Glasgow and they have continued to sequence the viral genome from positive cases in Scotland. They are also sequencing the genome of patients the better to understand the variation in reactions to the infection. Full details here

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