How am I supposed to lead the attack in Scotland when this happens?

From Channel 4 yesterday based on leaked data:

Across England, 4,456 confirmed Covid-19 cases were reported to test and trace during this time [Thursday to Sunday]. Of those, 1,831 had self-registered on the website or been called and completed the NHS Test and Trace form providing information about their contacts. Between them, they provided 4,634 contacts – of which only 1,749 have been contacted. The figures reveal that the total number of confirmed cases reported to NHS Test and Trace is significantly lower than what we know to be the rate of infection – and that fewer than 2,000 contacts of those who have tested positive have actually been contacted by this vast army of contact tracers.

SIX days after the launch of the Scottish system and there is not a single media report. Surely they can find somebody who wasn’t traced when they should have been? Just one is all Reporting Scotland’s editorial guidelines require. Has Anas Sarwar been approached to see if he has a relative who might help?