The Herald, today, report official figures indicating 1 431 patients were discharged out of hospitals into care homes.

Scotland’s MSM and opposition parties are desperate to link the discharges, Scottish Government testing policy and the deaths together but the evidence is not there.

We know that, until mid-April, some were admitted without having been tested. All would, of course, have been assessed by a doctor beforehand for suitability to be discharged. While some may have been infected but asymptomatic, we know that testing of this group is unreliable.

Care homes were expected to isolate new arrivals so symptoms would have had time to emerge before further integration.

Since then, some still awaited the results of a second test when admitted. All had had one negative test.

Tony Banks, owner of multiple care homes claims:

“In at least one of our care homes we can directly attribute the first positive cases of Covid-19 to a new admission from hospital.”

I can find not one single report of a care home resident whose second test result was positive. I can find no reliable report of an outbreak being linked, with evidence, to the arrival of a discharged hospital patient.

Given what we know about the Skye care home case and the evidence from a large Public Health England study, the outbreaks in care homes were due to temporary care workers.