Jeremy Vine: Delusional or hypocritical?

Jeremy Vine in the Guardian today suggests he has no views. He’s making the classic mistake of thinking that if he thinks he has no views then he has no views. It’s possible for all of us to think we are impartial on some topic but then when our actual behaviour on the topic is analysed, patterns of bias appear. The Jeremy Vine TV show is a fine example. See these from last year:

The choice of panellists, the questions asked, the favouring of panellists, the way they are asked, the extent to which shocking untruths are tackled or left, all matter. They are the expression and the consequence of the views, perhaps subconscious, perhaps inarticulate, which result in them.

Vine has lots of views on everything but doesn’t like to think he does.

8 thoughts on “Jeremy Vine: Delusional or hypocritical?”

  1. Jeremy Vine has very definite views on his tax liabilities:

    “Jeremy Vine once advised the wealthy to find a ‘tax magician with the power to bend the rules, befuddle the tax inspector and make money invisible’.”

    Money which could have been spent on the NHS for example if it had been collected as income tax!

    So “Establishment Media employee acts like Directors in the Private Care Home Industry”.

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  2. John, RE David Lochart I found this.

    David worked at BBC Scotland as a trainee in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. After that, he joined BBC Question Time, covering two elections and the Brexit referendum. David has been producing Question Time for the past two years.
    He must have been one of Brian “TTTN”Taylor’s batch of trainees to smirch the SNP before the vote on independence.

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  3. No views on global warming.
    No views on racism
    No views on war
    No views on inequality
    No views on air and water pollution
    No views on environmental degradation
    No views on ecosystem breakdown
    No views on biological extinctions

    The man is a moron.


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