BBC Scotland transfers phishing scam concerns for the UK app to the Scottish system

As the English testing and tracing system collapses and has to be delayed for a month and as the Scottish system seems, judging by the eerie media silence, to be working, BBC Scotland have found something they can use.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has received evidence of a phishing scam themed around the [UK] app, even before the real app has released nationally:

Members of the public received texts informing them that they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The message contains a link to a bogus website which asks for the personal details of the user. Scammers may use the information to gain access to bank accounts and commit other forms of identity fraud.

There have been no such reports about the Scottish programme yet the Health Secretary seems to have been pressurised into offering reassurances. The BBC Scotland report offers no evidence of where the question came from.

Footnote: If you get a call from someone claiming to be Lisa Summers from the BBC and asking for details of any problems you’ve had with the Scottish testing and tracing system, it’s genuine, so just hang up.

4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland transfers phishing scam concerns for the UK app to the Scottish system”

  1. Re Lisa
    take her for a wee hike doon the garden path on the basis you remain anonymous
    Throw the mad dug a false bone to foam at the mooth over

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  2. Sunday’s GMS. Katie Grant (yoon) asked what she’s been up to during lockdown ” Have you written another best seller”
    KG ” NO I’ve been full of anger” Her anger was at being told how to live her life (By Nicola Sturgeon) at not being allowed to hug grand children . A rant by a selfish angry person. angry at the rising popularity of Sturgeon helped along by the choices made by the people she want’s to exert power over Scots.

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  3. This is her. From wiki

    “Born Katharine Mary Towneley, she is the third daughter of Sir Simon Towneley and Lady Mary Fitzherbert.[1] She grew up at Dyneley Hall in Cliviger near Burnley. She married William Marr Couper Grant the son of Douglas Marr Kelso Grant in 1985. They have three children together and live in Glasgow.”

    Boringly predictable


    1. Show me a man o independent mind and he is abin a that
      Her like belong to feudal times
      Ignore their like
      Let them all wlither and die
      They have nothing whatsoever to contribute in creating and building a modern progressive and more equitable Nation taking its rightful place in todays world given what has befallen humanity with this virus and the impending consequential amplification effects of climate change
      They belong in the dustbin of history and the one labeled Detritious


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