Image BBC Scotland: Aberdeen yesterday

In a report by BBC Scotland ‘Data journalist’, Marc Ellison, Google ‘community mobile’ reports are used to compare the movement of people before and after the lock-down in March and before and the divergence between England and Scotland’s policies on 10th May.

The data is harvested from smartphones which as fans of crime shows will know, bounce signals off every mast they pass near.

Comparing trips to parks in Edinburgh with 5 English locations you can see both a greater tendency to stay at home even in the first days of the combined lock-down in Edinburgh and, dramatically, after the divergence and the Boris Johnson speech, a surge to above normal movement in the 5 English areas but not in Edinburgh:

Ellison seems a little confused about the nature of the divergence when he writes:

So what does the data actually tell us? Overall the data suggests that – despite the divergence on 10 May in policy between the UK and Scottish governments over how and when to ease the restrictions – Scots are still largely staying at home.

Despite? Because of?