Have hundreds of English beach-goers volunteered to be herded into an immunity experiment?

At first, I thought this must be faked. It’s not. It’s from a BBC Dorset report yesterday. They’re collecting in a dense crowd to get off the beach after being herded together by police so that rescue helicopters can land to treat three injured beach-goers.

Here they are again not observing any kind of distancing as they leave, gasping for breath and puffing out all over each other:

They had been spaced out a bit beforehand:


Well, at least they’ll get tested and traced by the end of June in a world-beating system.

3 thoughts on “Have hundreds of English beach-goers volunteered to be herded into an immunity experiment?

  1. A case of bad shepherds who do not understand that the flock is of more importance than 3 wayward sheep
    Merely demonstrating a complete lack of appropriate training and individual inonitiativ
    A guid collie dug would have no better
    Ah but doth not the English have the best police force in the world
    Just like everything else they are the best at
    One thing for sure they outperform all other nations is in their exceptionalism especially when it comes to having the highest virus death rat
    Land of despair and shame
    Roll on the next final night at the proms

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  2. Like lemmings , not content to wait for that Brexit cliff to take a collective dive , they have decided to give CV a chance to cure the overpopulation problem .


  3. Get Brexit Done,at any cost.
    When you have a government fixated on a single issue,there are going to be casualties.
    People in Scotland are fully aware of what the Johnson administration is about but are
    soon going to find out in England as well.
    Trouble ahead.


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