Stunning level of approval for Scottish Government’s covid response in new poll ‘analysed’ to insult your intelligence

Image BBC

The Scottish government benefits from a halo effect whereby credit for what is done well in Scotland is attributed to Holyrood and blame for poor performance is laid at the door of Westminster.

(Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University)

This astonishing statement is the only explanation offered for the results of an Ipsos MORI poll for BBC Scotland which suggests overwhelming approval for the FM, the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland, in their handling of the crisis and condemnation for the UK Government. This graph sums it up:

I can’t direct you to the source so you’ll need to read the summary of the results here:

It’s a fair presentation of the results but the analysis section based only on Prof Curtice, popping up like Prof Pennington, is simple – You, the respondents, are too stupid or too biased to acknowledge what the Scottish Government has failed to do. Here’s the ‘analysis’:

by Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University

The difference in how well the UK and Scottish governments are thought to have handled the coronavirus crisis is remarkable.

After all, they have both faced very similar criticisms, including too little PPE, too little testing and too little care and attention to the needs of care homes.

In part, the explanation lies in long standing differences in attitudes towards the two governments. Ever since the advent of devolution, voters in Scotland have been inclined to evaluate the Scottish government more highly than its counterpart in London, whatever the issue at stake.

The Scottish government benefits from a halo effect whereby credit for what is done well in Scotland is attributed to Holyrood and blame for poor performance is laid at the door of Westminster.

Meanwhile many voters will be viewing the two governments through a partisan lens.

TuSC Analysis

Remember that the sample will have been carefully structured to include supporters of all parties, people from all classes and age groups yet around 80% approved of the FM and the Scottish Government’s performance. It follows that many Labour, Lib Dem and even quite a few Tory (24% in Opinium on 5th May) supporters approved. Curtice’s analysis is holed below the line.

As for the Scottish Government facing ‘very similar criticisms’, he’s right that they have, but only from a dodgy opposition and their toadies in the media. The poll suggests that the people see through that, to the facts of the kind, I’ve repeated over and over:

Finally, that ‘halo effect’. What on earth is he referring too? The daily experience of Scots watching and reading our mainstream media is of a sustained effort to tarnish any halo that might be developing around the FM or the Scottish Government using a litany of lies from the likes of Jackson Carlaw. You only have to read Tom Gordon every day (steady now) to see halo-tarnishing at its best/worst. And then, there’s Glen Campbell, Lisa Summers, Helen McArdle, Brian Wilson, Brian Monteith, John McLellan, Iain Macwhirter, Pennington, those balloons at Sky and Channel 4 and ……………..

18 thoughts on “Stunning level of approval for Scottish Government’s covid response in new poll ‘analysed’ to insult your intelligence”

  1. “And now on Good Morning Scotland, we look at all those new-born baby deaths, and ask King Herod what he makes of them.”
    “King Herod, did you get this rogue child? Are we all safe from usurpers now”? “Who do you blame for us having to go through this tragedy”?

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  2. Just spotted that Douglas Ross has resigned as a government minister – is this a first – a Tory MP from Scotland showing backbone and moral purpose?

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    1. More likely the reason is SELF PRESERVATION in an attempt to keep his nose in the trough.

      Three options:

      1. BawJaws going to be replaced due to Dom Cum backlash and he is positioning himself favourably with new regime

      2. He knows the UK Fishing and Agriculture Bills being pushed through Westminster at present are going to fuck Scotlands Farmers and Farmers over Post Brexit and is not wanting to be known as being a Parliamentary Under Secretary for Scotland when they were sold out!

      3. He is positioning for a return to Holyrood (‘cos he has won 2 x GEs and Tory Party planners think he will win a seat at next SGE) and knows Scots are raging at this

      Anyone heard from Jackass Carlot since this announcement was made?

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  3. Would SIR John Curtice be SIR if he conducted himself in the same way against the Westminster government?
    Services to HM government,above and beyond.

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  4. And the UK government doesn’t have a halo effect?
    Does he even consider that Scotland was doing it’s best with a bad hand dealt by England. I have some grave doubts about the Scottish gov herd immunity plan which was spoken about proudly on Good Morning Britain but even i can see that Scotland didn’t have powers at it’s disposal and still doesn’t. Westminster is still holding the purse strings.
    Anyway my basis for wanting Independence, for any country, is that it should be allowed to make its own fuck ups. That is democracy and that is how nations grow. They learn from mistakes or don’t. Their people then get to hold them to account.

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  5. “26th May 2020

    To: Chief Constable Jo Farrell, Durham Police, via email

    Formal concern raised against Mr Dominic Cummings, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, requesting investigation of a potential breach of the 2020 Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations in the period of March – May 2020.

    Dear Chief Constable Farrell,

    GP Survival committee and members are writing to you this open letter as general practitioners to formally request investigation of Mr Dominic Cummings, special advisor to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to determine if he has committed an offence under Section 15 of the 2020 Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations in the period of March – May 2020, specifically to determine:

    1. If the initial journey he and his family made on or around 28th March 2020 to stay at his parents’ property in Durham was an offence.

    2. When Mr Cummings travelled while staying at this property to Barnard Castle on or around 12th April 2020, if this was an offence; we are also concerned he chose to drive a motor vehicle to ‘test his eyesight’ while carrying a child passenger for 60 miles and the risk this posed to other members of the public.

    3. If there is any other evidence of Mr Cummings leaving the Durham property during this period in contravention of the regulations.

    4. If there is evidence that after returning to London in mid-April 2020, Mr Cummings has made further return journeys to Durham or its surroundings and if this was an offence.

    GPs have been amongst the many front-line NHS workers in helping to contain and manage the Covid-19 pandemic, and have advised many patients and their families over this period of the need to remain locked down at home, not to travel from home unless an emergency, to self-isolate for up to 14 days if symptomatic, and to remain at their primary residence. We are concerned that these allegations against Mr Cummings, unless resolved, will serve to undermine the public health interventions required to prevent further unnecessary deaths.

    We feel that due to the potential risk of these unresolved allegations undermining public confidence in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is in the public interest to examine, using what evidence is available to you including ANPR CCTV and other methods to resolve this issue and be able to provide a clear statement to the public if offences had been committed.

    GP Survival is an membership organisation of 8,400 GPs, led by an elected committee, who are interested in protecting the public health. We have collected a number of GP signatures via email in support at, and can forward these to you if required.

    Yours sincerely”

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  6. Professor Curtis should be well versed in the principle of Occum’s Razor – the simplest explanation is usually the right one. He should adhere to it!

    In this case, the respondents to the survey in Scotland are ‘no daft’- they know perfectly well what they know and why, and they meant their responses.

    But then ‘simple’ explanations – depending on where they lead – probably don’t get you the opportunity to amplify your opinions courtesy of the BBC!

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  7. For all the Old Dudes, settled here from England, who like to tell us what to think.
    As The Who had it……..

    “My generation, my generation, baby,
    Why don’t you all F….F…. F….. Fade away
    Don’t try dig what we all S…Say”.

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  8. I have just come off the phone with His Holiness The Pope during which we imbued oorselves with a good few wee drams of the real holy water
    He informed myself he
    has been following oor wee Nicola for a gid wee while now
    And indeed given his most gifted position
    As Gods salesman on Earth
    He spotted her Halo long ago but at 1st put such down to partaking and overindulgence in Holy Water
    However in a conversation with God last night he was assured that for real it was indeed a Halo
    And informs me that oor wee Nic is to be granted Sainthood it order to afford the wee soul extraordinary protection against the evil deeds of the Devils little workers in the MSM
    Me thinks this wee story i have just imparted has more credibility than those
    Of many others who tell us stories about Nicola
    I am away to open another bottle of the Holy Water Blessed in Islay and the label on it tells me it is 28 yrs old Port Ellen

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    1. ANOTHER bottle … of 28yrs old Port Ellen?? Now that is a good reason for serious envy!!

      I’m told the ’27 yrs old’ has “Big waves of fresh citrus peels, medicinal peat, brine and a hint of black pepper. Notes of orange really start to take hold along the way, as does a little burst of liquorice.” (courtesy of Master of Malt web site) Are you getting that … and more?

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      1. Oh yes marvellous nose and long long finish
        Keeps coming back with delightful sweetness
        Was given as 60th birthday pressie by my
        3 daughters

        So sad and difficult to bring myself round to opening it
        But well worth so upon doing so
        Man is yet to find a better lubricant for the free thinking mechanism of the brain
        Than that of a finely crafted Single Malt
        Indeed it is the real Holy Water
        But great care required as to whom you share with

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