Retired BBC Scotland Head of News gets retired Prof to moan about Scotland again

Why is he in a lab coat when he retired in 2003?! Does he sneak in at night to wear a white coat and play with the test tubes and the Bunsen burners?

John Boothman, Head of News and Current Affairs at Pacific Quay in 2014, before being moved out of the way after allegations of bullying, wrote in the Times yesterday:

The scale of coronavirus testing planned by the Scots government is “totally inadequate” and a tenfold increase in testing capacity would be an “absolute minimum requirement to cope with what is needed”, according to the leading epidemiologist Professor Hugh Pennington. In a paper for the think tank Our Scottish Future, he also said that the great majority of care home residents are far more likely to develop a life-threatening illness than those in the general population, and that implementing effective infection control measures in care facilities is more difficult than in hospitals.

Is Pennington, in that last bit, forgetting his instruction that he is meant to be blaming the SNP for not keeping coronavirus out of care homes?

Anyhow, Our Scottish Future is no think-tank just another pro-Union campaigning group, founded by Gordon Brown, and with a minimal online presence. Try searching for anything they’ve done that might make any contribution to knowledge. All I can find is Gordon Brown, 5 times, talking about what they’d like to do.

This is just another Pennington-assisted, attempted attack, on the credibility of the Scottish Government, based on the combined testing/care homes theme where there is always an infinite possibility for government to have done more.

6 thoughts on “Retired BBC Scotland Head of News gets retired Prof to moan about Scotland again”

  1. “The news where you are” is now not news, but endless propaganda and lies.

    The press whine about loss of circulation and readers—but give us bullshit in place of accurate reporting.

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  2. “Mark McNaught is a American lecturer at Rennes University in France. He describes the BBC licence fee as virtually a “mafia racket”. But that, in the case of Scotland, it has an even worse implication:

    For there to be this extortion of money to fund something that people don’t like and many hold in deep deep contempt, in order to force them to pay it? I mean, that sounds pretty totalitarian to me. And then realising, at least in the context of the Scottish independence referendum, this money was going to London to be used to finance this propaganda to the Scots. So they’re using their own money to convince them that they can’t be an independent country.”


  3. Professor Pennington is not a virologist, an epidemiologist or experienced in Public Health.

    He is a bacteriologist. Why is his opinion preferred over those who have experience in the areas relevant to the current pandemic?


  4. Every single person in scotlands hates all english media including the bbc for the unadulterated trash they spout, scotland will soon kick out of our country the BBC sky and every english news rag we have our own media


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