Helping the currently distressed Scottish Tory leader with a little distraction, the Herald’s David Bol lets him say:

Everyone desperately wants Scotland’s plan to exit lockdown quickly and safely to work, but it won’t happen unless the testing system is up to scratch. There’s no getting away from the fact Nicola Sturgeon said there would 2,000 contact tracers recruited by the end of this month. Now she’s rowing back on that pledge significantly, and it sounds like she’s getting her excuses in early for having significantly fewer. The SNP’s approach to testing has been botched from the outset, and continued failure on this front will put lives at risk and lead to lockdown lasting longer than is necessary.

This is just rubbish and surely someone who considers themselves to be a journalist should go beyond just letting them say what they like without some kind of scrutiny?

Here is the actual statement from the Scottish Government on 4th May:

In total we anticipate that up to 2,000 additional contact tracing staff will be required to deliver a sustainable service across Scotland depending on factors such as the number of cases and the typical number of close contacts.

(Item 22 page 8)