Published to great acclaim from, only, Ian Murray and Jackie Baillie, Socialists for NATO and Nuclear Weapons, I’ve already explained just how useless the above report is:

One paragraph, however, is worthy of special attention. On page 5:

They only published this two days ago. They must have known how comedic this paragraph is.

Did NHS Scotland run out of anything? They don’t mention any of the many successful attempts to manufacture more ventilators and gowns within Scotland after the attempts by the UK Government to grab them all.

Were the 300 to 1 000 unused beds in the NHS Louisa Jordan and the 600 beds in existing hospitals made ready, not enough redundancy? Other Labour MSPs have of course tried to blame the SNP for wasting money on the extra capacity and for supposed dumping of old folk in care homes to get them out of hospitals.

The report does not even mention the Louisa Jordan. To be fair, they don’t call it a Nightingale either.

They mention ICUs once but never get round to presenting any of the statistics revealing the manageable scale and quick decline in the need for such care. Might that have made their thesis seem a bit OTT?

They don’t mention, the lower mortality rate or the greater staffing levels either.

Look, I’ve told you, it’s OK to say you’re for Labour but you’ve got to present all the evidence even if it doesn’t say what you want. Fail.