Nike HQ ‘cover-up’ by Acting PM Raab after infected employee returns to London from overseas

By Brenda Steele

I’ve been totting up the attacks from all sides on the FM and Jeanne Freeman over the Nike-Conference-Gate

Labour’s Ian Murray has been on the case:

Scottish Government should admit Covid Nike cover-up and move on – Ian Murray MP

We should all thank Nicola Sturgeon for her work during the Covid crisis, but she needs to own up to the mishandling of the Nike conference coronavirus outbreak in February, writes Ian Murray MP.

Cover-up: “An attempt to prevent people discovering the truth.”

That’s the dictionary definition of a cover-up, but it could alternatively state: “What happened when there was a coronavirus outbreak at a Nike conference in Edinburgh.”

People were prevented from discovering the truth about the February ground-zero outbreak in our city.

As have the UK press pack at this at daily briefing:

And not to forget Jackson Carlaw

In four repetitive questions, all patiently if at times wearily, answered by the First Minister, the Conservative leader, Jackson Carlaw, ignored the answers and tried desperately again and again to show that the SNP administration and not its advisers was responsible for the decision to protect the privacy of the those Scots attending the Nike conference in Edinburgh on 26th February. With no evidence, he doubted the officials had carried out enough contact tracing and tried to portray the decision as some kind of cover-up by the administration

But shouldn’t that apply equally to Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Health England?

Why didn’t they tell the people of London the full truth about the closure of the Nike’s London headquarters in Soho?

Nike HQ leads big shutdown as coronavirus disruption grows in London. Nike’s London headquarters in Soho has been shut down until Thursday at the earliest as disruption from the coronavirus outbreak gathers pace.

About 150 employees of the US sportswear giant were told to stay at home after a colleague returned from an overseas trip to one of the worst-hit areas, the Standard understands.

The three floors at Film House are undergoing a “deep clean” but no members of staff have reported feeling unwell or tested positive for the illness.

Was it the same Nike employee who came to Edinburgh or was it someone else? How many lives in London would have been saved if they had “come clean” then?

Note: Boris has a get-out card – he was already ill and went into hospital on on 5th March.

One thought on “Nike HQ ‘cover-up’ by Acting PM Raab after infected employee returns to London from overseas”

  1. I noticed this from the link above to the 3 March article in London’s Evening Standard:

    ‘… British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair continued mass flight cancellations in response to falling demand from passengers. Most are on normally busy routes to places in northern Italy, close to EUROPE’S WORST VIRUS “HOTSPOT”.’


    Northern Italy – how many people flew into Edinburgh Airport from the Northern Italy ‘hotspot’ during February? For the answer see:

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