In the Times yesterday:

Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that she refused to follow England out of lockdown because Scotland was “behind the curve” has been called into question by official statistics.

The First Minister has not mentioned the curve recently but did on the 7th May:

And we are not yet confident that the all-important R number is comfortably below 1 – and I’ve explained and set out before why it is so important to get it and keep it comfortably below 1. Indeed, we think it could still be hovering around 1 just now – which means that any significant easing up of restrictions at this stage would be very very risky indeed. Also, we think the R number may still be a bit higher here than it is in other parts of the UK – perhaps reflecting the fact that our first cases came later than England’s and so we may be at a different – and slightly later – stage of the infection curve.

So, the First Minister is clearly saying that it is because of the R number not the curve, that Scotland is not following England out of lock-down. She mentions the curve merely as a possible explanatory factor in the R number being where it is.

Neither Mark McLaughlin nor Kieran Andrews have spotted the real mistake, one that matters to pedants like moi. If our first cases came later then we’d be at an earlier, not later, stage of the infection curve, behind the curve..