By stewartb:

As the Covid-19 political recriminations are ramped up in Scotland, the ‘factual record’ becomes more and more important. One ‘factual topic’ of relevance is when this new virus, Covid-19 was made a ’notifiable disease’, meaning that medical practitioners become legally required to share patient information with public health authorities when they have reasonable grounds to suspect a patient has coronavirus.

The UK government added Covid-19 to the list of notifiable diseases within England on 5 March, 2020


A similar action to make Covid-19 a notifiable disease was taken by the Scottish Government but MUCH EARLIER, the regulation coming into effect on 22 February 2020.


I understand that Covid-19 became a notifiable disease on:
6 March in Wales
29 February in Northern Ireland
20 February in the Republic of Ireland.

By the 5 March, the day the UK government made Covid-19 notifiable in England, Scotland which had acted on this c. 11 days earlier, had a total of just three cases of the virus confirmed according to the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 data dashboard.

For context on timings of making Covid-19 a notifiable disease in Scotland and England , on 14 February the first European death due to coronavirus happened at a hospital in Paris. The victim was a 80-year-old Chinese tourist. On 23 February in Italy, as the number of cases there reached 150, some Italian cities were shut down. Schools and other public places were closed. The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March.