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Ian Bell pictured in 1986, during his time at The Scotsman. Picture: Alan Macdonald

Some of you were shouting ‘Ian Bell!’ He was the last and even back then, a freakish exception. He was really, really good and had many followers so the Scotsman’s and the Herald’s corporate owners tolerated him.

Before you have a go, I should explain my terms. It’s complex.

For ‘socially progressive’, there cannot be a trace of homophobia, transphobia or misogyny or racism or elitism and favoured policies must work toward a fairer more inclusive society including full rights for all, including children,………….you know what I mean. Veganism is not required but foxhunting is out!

For ‘economically leftist’ the market can never come first, and favoured policies must work toward greater equality in income, job security, educational opportunities and access to culture.

That’s not complete, I know, but I hope it does for starters.

Anyone coming to mind? Imagine anyone supporting Corbyn? Quite a few on the right though:

Brian Monteith, Dr Stuart Waiton (both Brexit Party), John McLelland (Conservatives), Tom Gordon (Duchy of Cornwall).

It’s interesting that the corporations and the rich do not fear the right, only the left – Weimar Germany, Argentina?

Quite a few, in the centre, fairly socially progressive I think, but on the economy, still dreaming of New Labour or even David Cameron and of doing a deal with the rich and the corporations:

Macwhirter, Davidson, Wilson…many others less memorable.

Wait! Kevin McKenna!?

Well, last time I read anything, socialist values on the economy and on many aspects of society but, big but, socially conservative and angry defender of the faith and the family, in its ‘traditional’ RC form.

I give up. Thought of one?