From Brenda Steele:

Why did Ian Murray accuse Nicola Sturgeon of Cover-up?  No doubt had she announced announced it immediately on being informed of the positive test for the Nike employee she would have been accused of scare-mongering and breaking data protection laws!  Such cheap shots from the only Labour MP in Scotland do not impress.  It certainly does not convince me that the Labour Party is fit to govern.

In the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotsman last Wednesday:

Ian Murray accuses Nicola Sturgeon of ‘cover-up’ over Edinburgh Nike conference outbreak. Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of covering up an outbreak of coronavirus linked to a Nike conference in Scotland’s capital by an Edinburgh MP.

Ian Murray, Labour’s shadow Scottish secretary, has written to the First Minister asking when she knew of the outbreak, and if introducing lockdown when coronavirus was first discovered in Scotland could have saved more lives.

Note: the Letter from Murray is barely readable from the news article or on his twitter.

I’d like some dates on this. I only have 2 so far.   Don’t talk to me about Nicola’s “cover-up” until this information is available.

Nike at Edinburgh’s Hilton Carlton Hotel on February 26 and 27 2020.
Infected Nike Employee returns home?

Infected Nike Employee shows symptoms?

Test of infected Nike Employee returned as positive?

UK authorities informed?

Scottish authorities informed?

Spread victims detected?

Nicola bans large gatherings?  March 12  2020

Footnote: Related Nike reports in early March just after the conference: dated 5th March

The Nike store on Buchanan Street has been mysteriously closed for ‘cleaning’ for 24 hours.  Glaswegians have been querying the surprise move, with no more information given other than a sign on the shop door reading: “this store is closed for cleaning and will open soon.”

And that article referes to this: dated  March 3rd 2020
Nike HQ leads big shutdown as coronavirus disruption grows in London.
Nike’s London headquarters in Soho has been shut down until Thursday at the earliest as disruption from the coronavirus outbreak gathers pace.About 150 employees of the US sportswear giant were told to stay at home after a colleague returned from an overseas trip to one of the worst-hit areas, the Standard understands.

The three floors at Film House are undergoing a “deep clean” but no members of staff have reported feeling unwell or tested positive for the illness.

The plot thickens.