In the Herald, once more, Brexiteer and campaigner against the OBFA, Dr Stuart Waiton of Abertay University:

I made a public statement last week in these pages suggesting the Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives slogan had inadvertently led to more deaths of elderly and vulnerable people. For daring to question the mantra I was denounced by Dundee City Council leader John Alexander who explained that, “clarity of message is absolutely essential during such a crisis”. What Mr Alexander really means by this is that a simplistic message is needed for a Scottish populous who he and many in the Scottish Government don’t trust. Protecting the NHS from a mass of Covid patients made sense, although it is worth noting that not a single health service across the Western world has not coped and coped quite comfortably with the spike in cases. Indeed, as it stands, as Gregor Smith, Scotland’s interim chief medical officer has observed, hospitals in Scotland remain “eerily quiet”.

Just on that last point:

And on ‘Stay at home’:

The ‘Stay at home’ alleged mantra, is so much more than that. It is clear, practical advice on what to do to reduce the spread of a very real virus which really will kill you. I know that some behaviour is an over-reaction and that some people are hysterical with fear but the ‘Stay at home’ message has been an effective practical tool to suppress real biological infection.