From Martin Williams in the Herald today:

SCOTLAND will emerge from the coronavirus lockdown unhealthier, with four out of five people reporting an increase in harmful habits, including smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating, a new study has found. Only just over a third (35%) of Scots answering a new YouGov survey plan to shake off their new habits after lockdown. And in spite of a rise in online fitness classes and government encouragement to get outside to exercise, over one in four of Scots said they had actually exercised less than before lockdown began.

I’ve requested breakdown data but with no luck so far.

Anyhow, if Scotland is still the sick man of Europe why then have we survived the pandemic, so far, better than many?

Scotland’s death rate is 38.7 per 100 000.

England’s is maybe 55. 4 per 100 000 (probably far higher)

Latest from ONS, death rate in England closer to 100 per 100 000!

Belgium, Spain, Italy and France all have higher rates than Scotland: