BBC Scotland presenter appears to accuse UK Government of dumping old folk out of hospitals into care homes with resultant surge in deaths

In an interview this morning Gordon Brewer said:

There is also a view. It was put by one columnist in a newspaper this morning very bluntly that at the beginning of this there was an understandable desire to clear out acute wards in hospitals in order to make room for what was expected to be a possible overwhelming surge in coronavirus patients and that in effect elderly people were dumped out of hospitals into care homes! Now there is a letter from NHS England but that wouldn’t apply up here which talked about getting 30% clear-out rates in hospitals. Did that happen here? Was there a spike in admissions to care homes in the middle of March?

It’s an allegation which will surely anger Tory leaders already keen to trim the wings of the BBC. The sacking of a former extreme leftist like Brewer would be a bonus for them.

4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland presenter appears to accuse UK Government of dumping old folk out of hospitals into care homes with resultant surge in deaths”

  1. It is time this man is afforded NO respect
    And some one needs to bring him down
    If i was being grilled by him
    I would quietly let him puff out his chest as his weasel words spew forth
    Sit with a wee smile upon my face
    Then when he finished serve notice upon him that if this interview to continue and particularly in the public interest
    1.I have afforded you the courtesy of sitting here giving you unhindered rights
    To enable all to hear and understand your questtions
    2.Consequently if you dare interrupt with my most considered reply
    Then I shall unclip my mic.and depart your company
    But before i do so I shall impart a old piece of wisdom
    Open mouths can hear nothing
    3.So let us proceed in a civilised manner
    After all you do wish to heat my answer
    4.All above shall pertain each and every time and going forward THAT shall always be the case
    Notice has been served in full view and on record.So proceed with the utmost of caution and due dillegence
    I believe your career propects are now on the line

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      1. Is this a ‘religious belief’ Mr Mellon or can you share the evidential basis with us?

        I’m sure many visitors to this site would welcome from you a serious contribution to a respectful discussion.

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    1. Apparently, in England at least, what he said is true. The advice was at best vague to care homes and the ukgov have been proven to be liars in so far as they claim to have been in constant touch with care home’s when in actual fact they sent one letter and then nothing for a month or so.

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