From BBC response to the Government’s consultation on decriminalising TV
licence evasion
31 March 2020 at:

Note that evasion, UK data, has been falling since 1991 when it was 13%.

This correlates with the results of the Survation poll with data collected on 16-23 April. Overall, it suggested 51% of Brits trust the BBC ‘to provide you with information about covid-19.’ With trust for the Scottish Government at 70%, social media was alive with gleeful commentary on the gap but it’s far better than that, when you see the regional breakdown.

It’s better because we can reasonably link the responses to the dominant, big audience news broadcasts – Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland – and because ‘Low Trust’ was at these levels:

  • London 14.8%
  • South 18.4%
  • Midlands 21.8%
  • North 21.5%
  • Wales 15.2%
  • N Ireland 11.5%
  • Scotland 38%

Only 8 out 143 Scots asked ‘completely trusted’ BBC.