19 days ago, the FT based on extrapolated ONS figures, estimated the true total of coronavirus deaths in the UK to be ‘as many as 41 000.

At that time the UK Government figure was 17 337 but did not include deaths outside of hospitals.

On the 6th May SKWAKBOX applied the same reasoning to the current figure of 32 065 to estimate a true figure of more than 60 000.

The total deaths in Scotland including those outside of hospital is 1862.

The UK population is 12.6 times greater than that of Scotland so, pro rata, the UK deaths might be expected to be around 23 000 but, based on the above is nearer to 64 000, nearly three times more.

These figures can be challenged but given the nature of this UK government, does anyone doubt they are doing their best to conceal the awful truth of the consequences of their arrogance and stupidity?