‘You can drive to OTHER destinations!’ Close the border Scotland!

Stay in! We got a fackin plague of midgies nah!

In the new Boris guidelines yesterday:

You can sit in the sun in your local park, you can drive to other destinations, you can even play sports but only with members of your own household.

Note the omission? ‘In England?’

And ‘sports?’ Is this the USA? It’ll be ‘warm beers’ next.

Like Boris, there are thousands, maybe millions, in England, who have no idea that Scotland or Wales are in any way not in their country or in any way not theirs to use as they please.

We’ve already seen the arrests of a few misguided souls travelling north to places such as the fleshpots of Motherwell, when they were clearly not supposed to drive even to a country park on the edge of the same town as they live in. What will this new message mean to the millions trapped?

Angus MacNeill’s call for the border to be policed may not be enough now.

10 thoughts on “‘You can drive to OTHER destinations!’ Close the border Scotland!”

  1. What Frankie Boyle took from the garbled words of the PM was that construction workers should now go back to work, walking, for people who don’t give a fff whether they live or die

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    1. Aye, the “sports” bit is a classic…joke. Johnson doesn’t understand the first thing re “sports”…unless it is something like trying out another personal “trainer”…

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  2. Do we need a French type blockade? Tractors blocking roads? Burning tyre barricades?

    Nah. Just ask them nicely not to come, that’ll do it!

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  3. IF Scotland was Independent we would be able to control our borders. . Think of the difference that would have made. Plus we wouldn’t have a media determined to undermine our politicians handling of the pandemic
    And we wouldn’t have a Clinical Director boasting that Scotland was in “Lockstep” with our highly infected southern neighbour.

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  4. I think that the dreadful presentation last night by the PM has caused huge amounts of uncertainty, both about the fact that he failed to make explicit that he was speaking only about England and about the lack of detail about how people were to ‘get back to work’.

    The fact that Good Morning Scotland was extended, just as it was reaching the end to include an interview with the UK Foreign Secretary, Mr Dominic Raab to ‘clarify’ the PM’s statement. This is something unprecedented and is, perhaps, indicative of the disorganisation within the Westminster Government. Gary Robertson asked him some probing questionsand was explicit about the confusion caused.

    It is also noteworthy that it was Mr Raab, who was interviewed and not his Cabinet Colleague, Mr Alister Jack, who, I believe is Scotland Secretary.

    In the delayed phone-in which followed, Kaye “Rule Britannia” Adams emphasised on several occasions, “WE ARE IN SCOTLAND AND THE ADVICE BY THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT IS WHAT IS BEING FOLLOWED IN SCOTLAND.”

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    1. Alisdair Think Kaye’s Clarification is a measure of the strength of the positive feedback they are getting for the First Minister and her message.

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  5. At present,with lockdown more or less still in place in Scotland,it is relatively easy for police to identify people coming across the border.
    Once lockdown is eased however,it will be much more difficult.
    We either accept being better together or that Scotland needs the powers to control our own borders.
    In 2014 this wasn’t an issue and was portrayed by unionists as something negative but it certainly is not now
    and most rational thinking Scots can see that necessity.

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