By Brenda Steele:

This article in the Highland Times caught my eye.

Rhoda Grant MSP (pictured) has asked NHS Highland to start daily testing of all care home staff and residents who tested negative at the Skye care home hit by an outbreak of the virus.Home Farm Care Home remains at the centre of the island’s outbreak as 57 residents and staff test positive for the deadly virus.In an email marked urgent to health board interim Chief Executive Paul Hawkins, the Highlands & Islands MSP said testing at Home Farm Care Home should be carried out every day with immediate effect for all the staff and residents who tested negative when mass testing was carried out on 29 and 30 April. Army personnel have been deployed to the Skye after residents died at the care home at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak on the island. Five residents have now died at the care home.

I have a few questions for the Labour MSP about her request to Paul Hawkins at NHS Highland.

What is the turnaround time for testing?

Where is the nearest lab?

Who is going to arrange for transportation and  pay the costs?

Does this Labour MSP think that ScotGov and NHS  Highland have a magic money tree?

I would like her to bear in mind this is a private care home – part of a large chain  –  as Talking-Up Scotland Collective readers will know from this

Footnote: the Highland Times report does not mention once that Grant is a Labour MSP. Why not?