Wishart in her Rugby League days

My dad was a fan of Wishart’s writing back in the day. I was reading with approval her piece in the Guardian today until this bit hit me between the brain cells:


Now I know she’s not directly blaming the SNP or the Scottish Government but the implication is strongly there.

Wishart is here apparently following the BBC and MSM line, shielding the private owners and somehow suggesting that SG guidance was not clear enough and that the SG should have provided PPE supplies to private companies which charge around £1 000 per week to care for the residents.

We know for a fact and even John Beattie has mentioned it, that the Skye care home failed an inspection in January this year and that infection control was part of that failure.

Ruth, Ruth, it has nothing to do with Ian Blackford, nothing to to do with the Scottish Government. You present yourself as a kind of moderate leftish writer, so why not go for the guilty rather than stupidly linking these deaths to the SNP?