Scotsman to take Wings over Scotland?

Recently appointed Scotsman journalist, Conor Marlborough [That bit’s not a spoof], above, is to lead the Scotsman’s online division in a challenge to Wings Over Scotland.

In a nod to Wings’ the Rev Stu Campbell, Malborough will style himself Parson and wear the dog collar faithfully, even when furloughed in his mother’s kitchen.

In an effort to counter the recent SNP surge, Conor will write daily, articles which appear to have been written in a parallel universe where devolution didn’t happen and where Ross Thompson is Secretary of State for Scotland.

Talking-up Scotland’s editor, Professor Longhair Robertson, has accused Malborough of being just another love child of the PM and refuses to utter the word ‘Scotsman’ ever again.

4 thoughts on “Scotsman to take Wings over Scotland?”

  1. And yet……….familiarity?.. ….There is something about Conor that reminds me of………I thought Boris, but no………

    I’ve got it! Father Jack. Father Jack MUST be Conor’s old Dad.

    That crazed glaikit’ look about the two of them! No need for DNA in this case.

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  2. To be a writer you have to be able to say you have experienced life , seen the world know people know how they think and what they want, experience cannot be undervalued if you are to succeed as a writer.
    Conor has done none of this so all he can do is guess or repeat someone else’s view someone who DOES have experience of life.
    When all you do is write what someone else has already written or what someone else tells you to write nobody will read what you have written because they would rather read the original.
    Young people don’t read newspapers, they won’t read what Conor writes nobody will except the usual headbangers that buy that newspaper

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