From the Greenock Telegraph, yesterday, but otherwise ignored by Scotland’s media:

SECRET plans have been drawn up to berth a dozen cruise ships at Greenock and bring potentially thousands of crew members ashore. The intention is to disembark crews – of up to 500 people from each vessel – for ‘onward travel to transport hubs’ and repatriation to their home countries amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Telegraph understands. Peel Ports — owners of Ocean Terminal — have applied for permission to dock 12 vessels here for ‘lay-up’ in the wake of the collapse of the cruise industry due to the pandemic. An Inverclyde Council report on the matter has been withheld from public view, but the Telegraph has learned details of the plan through its sources.

In March, the Guardian reported on thousands of crew and passengers ‘stranded as countries turned them away.’

The area around Greenock, Inverclyde, already has one of the highest covid-19 infection levels in Scotland, has been referred to as the ‘death capital’ and is, in addition, the most deprived area in the country:

And, from the Ferret fact-checking service in March:

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been attacked for planning to increase discharges of radioactive waste into the Firth of Clyde by up to 50 times. An application by the MoD to overhaul waste disposal from the Faslane and Coulport nuclear bases near Helensburgh suggests that radioactive discharges could rise sharply as more submarines are stationed there.

Surely, there must be a good berth in the Thames, close to that nice hospital Boris Johnson used?