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The focus on one retired professor as a prime source of Coronavirus expertise by parts of the corporate media and amongst some in the Brit Nat/Unionist clique is unwarranted but unsurprising!  However, the Talking-Up Scotland Collective would rather introduce readers to the current, internationally renowned and diverse, research capability present in Scotland and to the contributions it is making during this global public health emergency.

International collaboration on drug trial

Researchers from the University of Dundee’s School of Medicine are partnering with global biopharmaceutical company Insmed Incorporated to conduct trials of brensocatib, a drug being developed to treat lung inflammation in COVID-19 patients:

‘A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial of Brensocatib in patients with severe COVID-19 (STOP-COVID19)’


Insmed will provide funding and clinical drug supply for the STOP-COVID19 (Superiority Trial of Protease inhibition in COVID-19) trial. The Dundee researchers will explore whether brensocatib can reduce the incidence of acute lung injury and prevent mechanical ventilation. It is hoped that the treatment will also lead to patients spending fewer days dependent on oxygen and shorter periods of time in hospital, reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

The trial is being led by James Chalmers, British Lung Foundation Professor of Respiratory Research at the University of Dundee. Professor Chalmers is also Consultant Respiratory Physician at Ninewells Hospital, one of the trial sites.

Chalmers says: “… Our researchers at the University of Dundee have been studying this kind of lung inflammation for more than 10 years and so are in the perfect position to rapidly intervene in patients to try to prevent the worst outcomes of COVID-19.”