Quite Frankly [sic], I thought ‘merde’ when I read this.

In a Freedom of Information response published yesterday, after only 16 days of deliberation, the Scottish Government has rejected the idea [anon] of restoring the Auld Alliance with France.

Here’s the main part of the response:

To confirm the Scottish Government has no plans to restore the Auld Alliance in the event of Scotland becoming an independent country.
I have included some additional context about Scotland’s international priorities, including enhancing our relationship with France.

Scotland is a nation with a rich international history and sees an increased role for itself on the international stage in the future. Through the Scottish Government’s International Framework, our innovation and investment hubs (a network of 8 international offices) and international engagement strategies, we have tailored our approach to strengthening our international relationships and increasing our influence worldwide. We believe that Scotland’s interests are best served as an independent country within the EU and we will continue to explore how Scotland can build a strong future relationship with the EU.

The Scottish Government cherishes its close relationship with France. We believe that it brings significant benefits to both of our countries and we want it to flourish further in the years ahead. The First Minister officially opened the Scottish Government’s Paris Hub in February 2019, which is co-located with Scottish Development International (SDI) within the British Consulate in central Paris.  The Hub has a crucial role to play in building and strengthening Scotland’s ties with France, which go back for more than seven hundred years. We not only enjoy strong cultural ties with France, but also strong trade and commercial links. Having a Hub in France represents our commitment, not only to our relationship with France, but also to Scotland’s role as an open and outward looking European country.


The Auld Alliance treaty stipulated that if either country were attacked by England, the other country would invade English territory. More knowledgeable readers are invited to correct moi but, based on a quick search, it seems that the Scots kept their side of the bargain a bit more enthusiastically than the French did.

I remain prepared to change my opinion, but at the moment, I’m with the Scottish Government and it’s a ‘NON!’

I don’t like that Macron guy either.