At the First Minister’s briefing yesterday, Lisa Summers asked, in quite a self-important manner, if she [NS] would commit to testing asymptomatic people and the FM responded:

I said at the end of my remarks that we’re going to have the major focus tomorrow in this daily update, on testing. That will be a progress report but also we will set out tomorrow what the next steps are in the extension of eligibility for testing.

Summers knew this and just wanted to appear smart, to be holding the Government to account, asking them to do something that others have been arguing for but on which there is as yet no consensus.

However, to leave this in the later broadcast would have made her question seem stupid so they just cut it out.

The First Minister did spend some time explaining the lack of reliability in testing asymptomatic patients and we heard that on the show but Summers just went on to repeat the Pennington line about testing.