Fiona fox left when a member of the Irish Freedom Movement and Revolutionary Communist Party and sister Claire with Nigel Farage

When the BMJ blamed Tory austerity for the deaths of 120 000 people, the BBC would not report it claiming its ‘independent’ scientific advisers, the ‘Science Media Centre’ had rejected the BMJ’s figures.

So who is this mysterious ‘Science Media Centre’, which is so influential on the BBC that when it comes to science, its opinion trumps the British Medical Journal and both Oxford and Cambridge Universities? Shockingly, it turns out the SMC is not independent at all. It is an organisation with a history of pushing corporate interests as well as anti-environmentalism, funded by industry and headed by a controversial genocide-denying journalist, Fiona Fox, who has no background in science and who was awarded an OBE by the Tories in 2013. Remarkably, apart from industry giants such as BP, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, the SMC’s biggest funders include the UK government:

Fox was previously a press officer for Cafod, the Catholic Church’s relief agency in England and Wales, visited Rwanda and cast doubt on whether there was a genocide or rather a civil war with massacres on both sides as the regime insisted.,3604,181819,00.html

Even more bizarre, given the above, Fox was identified, only last year as one of the editors of Irish Freedom which published an article defending ‘the rights of the Irish people to take whatever measures necessary in their struggle for freedom’ after the Warrington bombing, which killed two young boys:

BBC Scotland’s fake news spotters will no doubt be onto this. The Disclosure Scotland team will be heard running for the hills when they hear mention of terrorism.