Credit: PA:Press Association

The Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group is chaired by Professor Andrew Morris, professor of medicine at the University of Edinburgh and director of Health Data Research UK, and by Professor David Crossman, who is Dean of Medicine at the University of St Andrews and Chief Scientific Advisor for Health at the Scottish Government.

Why have they not recruited a man whose last Scottish investigation was into a bacterial infection in Wishaw, not a viral one, in 1997, only a quarter of a century ago?

Why have they not recruited a man who has spent most of the last 20 years campaigning against Scottish independence?

Why have they not recruited the man who warned of Bird Flu killing TWO MILLION Britons in 2005? I may be wrong but I can find no evidence that a single person died from it in the UK.

Why did Murdo ‘Queen’s Eleven’ Fraser, Conservative and Unionist Party ask him to advise a Holyrood committee?

Why is Pennington the MSM go-to-guy? Is it because he can always find the words to enable a ‘Sturgeon under pressure…’ headline?