Did David Mundell or Alister Jack fail to warn Scotland of the pandemic risk and the urgent need to stockpile PPE last year?

A confidential 2019 Cabinet Office briefing, leaked to the Guardian, warned that the UK must have a robust plan to deal with a pandemic virus and to stockpile PPE:


It’s not clear when in 2019 the National Security Risk Assessment (NSRA) document was presented to the UK Cabinet.

Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell or Alister Jack (from 24th July), was the only Scottish representative, unless you count Michael Gove, in attendance at Cabinet meetings with, presumably, some sense of responsibility for the well-being of the Scottish people.

The Cabinet clearly did not respond, distracted by the ongoing EU withdrawal process, the Conservative Party leadership contest infighting and campaigning for the General Election. In the midst of all that Mundell or Jack had a particularly important role but does not seem to have fulfilled it. Had he advised the Scottish government of the risk, there seems little likelihood they would have ignored it given the regular adoption of NHS statistics as a weapon of choice by the opposition parties.

7 thoughts on “Did David Mundell or Alister Jack fail to warn Scotland of the pandemic risk and the urgent need to stockpile PPE last year?”

  1. “Loz Argyle ⚓
    They were counting one glove as PPE
    They were counting cleaning gear as PPE
    The bastards have misled us over PPE on an industrial scale, these hard right gangsters in Downing Street are drenched in the blood of our #NHS staff/citizens we must hold them to account #Panorama”


    “Graham Lithgow
    As you watch #Panorama, the very best assessment you can make of the government is that they’ve been criminally negligent.

    When you add into the mix the extent to which they’ve mislead everyone, it crosses over into the unforgivable.

    A public inquiry is desperately needed. Now.”

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    1. Thanks for that. Have watched it and shared.

      Damned disgrace but will the weasels weasel out? You betcha they’ll try.


  2. With their shenanigans Mundell & Jack (kack) are playing with fire and we can only hope their voters next time round BURN THEM


  3. I’ve asked the same question on several occasions were criticism has been levelled at the SG and FM regarding preparedness for the pandemic. It also impacts on the decision by the SG to initially mirror Westminsters actions or lack of them. If you weren’t aware you couldn’t prepare.


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